D-2-D part 2

"The weather can't be that bad again, can it?" Not quite, but pretty close. So, sign up now for D-2-D 2012 because the weather can't be that bad again, can it?

The course was 10.5 miles, pretty straight forward for the first 5 miles, then big bomb hole which you couldn't ride out. Then some wibbly wobbly, another big bomb hole, some of the black run, then a dull final mile. Not very technical, but would have been good fun and pretty fast in the dry.

Dave and I decided to change over after each lap, which was the right strategy given the conditions, but it didn't leave much time to dry out and recover. Perhaps 3-man team is the best way to go? Respect to Ian for doing riding solo.

You can see results and lap times here http://www.timelaps.co.uk/assets/uploads/d2d2011.pdf

I rode our final lap from about 02:15 hrs and didn't pass anyone. Everyone else out at that time of the morning were so fast. Conditions were very tricky, but the speed and bike control of these racers was very impressive.

As we watched the final racers come over the finishing line we were already planning our rides for 2012. Come and join us, because the weather can't be that bad again, can it?

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