A first amongst Surfers...?

So, there I was, up in The Smoke, riding back to Liverpool Street Station. Being law-abiding. But it was getting late, I was in danger of missing my train. Being law-abiding is difficult when all around you there are fakengers riding through every red light going. So I came to my last red light, a left-hander from London Wall into Old Broad Street. On my right was a London Bus, half-way over the junction, obviously didn't quite make it before the lights turned. He (if a bus has a gender?) was stopping the traffic from the right (which, yes, had a green light) from moving. In front of me was a friend. I shouted 'Lets just go', and he went, very fast (..it was getting late, we were close to missing our train..). As I got around the corner there were 2 policemen, on Specialized MTB's, with city slicks. The guy in front shouted 'YOU, wait there', and they then both shot off after my mate who hadn't seen them, turning their lights & sirens on as they went! I thought 'well, they obviously want the guy doing the runner more than they want me, but that guy is a mate. Do I just act like a cad, pootle off around a corner & go to the station another way, or do I show solidarity with a mate who is going to get done for something I said?'.

Here's the answer:

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