Woodbridge 10k  - Sunday 20th May 2012

My ninth Woodbridge 10k.  2004 white with cabbage-patch family.  2005 blue with white panel.  2006 black with white star.  2007 and a new era, Orange with round the town icons.  2008 grey with cherry design.  2009 black with trainers.  2010 white with Woodbridge street signs.  2011 olive green with thumb nails of previous designs.  And so, to 2012 and another Gill Coutts' classic.
A tough race, as usual, but the sun shone and the Adnams was great.  A good Woodbridge Surfers turnout  and fantastic support from family and friends.  It was so good to hear that many of them will joins us in the run next year!
A suggestion for the organisers though from Mrs Payne.  No dogs on the Market Hill, or perhaps no old women who smell of dog urine.

Training starts tomorrow.


Suffolk Sunrise - 100 mile road ride - Sunday 13th May 2012

Sunday 13th May and the first of back-to-back weekend events for some of the Woodbridge Surfers.  
What does the 0 stand for in 06:00 hrs?  Oh my God, it's early.  Oh yes, Dave H, Ian C,   Ian H, Maysty and I rendezvoued in Woodbridge at 06:00 hrs and then travelled to this year's start at Framlingham.  

We left as part of the first group of riders at 07:00 hrs - a chilly,but dry start.
We headed back towards Woodbridge and stopped for our first drink break at Sutton with 20 miles completed.  Time for tea and Chocolate Tracker bars, then back on the road.  Familiar countryside of Orford and Snape, then Knoddishall for lunch at 50 miles.  It was only 10:30 hrs, but that didn't stop us devouring full plates of bread, pasta, meat and salad, followed by tea and cake. 
We headed up the coast, passing the Ship at Dunwich without stopping for a pint.  We turned inland and crossed the A12 at Blythburgh.  This was a now a new route for us all.  The warmth of the lunch break had been replaced by gusting wind.  We reached the final drink stop, Rumburgh, in need of more tea and cake.  Just 30 miles to go! 

After a few miles we turned into the wind for the final leg of our journey.  With 86 miles completed everything was going well.  No incidents, no mechanicals, not a single puncture.  The 87th mile was more problematic.  A rub of tyres, a tuck and roll.  Blood on the tarmac.  A few plasters and some electricians tape.  After 10 minutes we were off again.
The towers of Framlingham appeared and the ride was over.
Highlights for me were Dave forcing back 8 energy gels and Maysty freewheeling for half the ride.

A great ride.  Well organised and a fantastic way to see some beautiful parts of Suffolk.  Put a date in your diary for Sunday 12th May 2013.
Look out for a medical update when those damaged fingers can type again.
Thanks to those of you brave enough to ride my old bike around the Melton time trial course.  Here's a photo of me on the bike - my guess is 1968 - with my Grandad. For the avoidance of doubt I'm on the bike, my Grandad is standing holding me and the bike.

He bought the bike in  January 1929 on his 14th birthday.  So, we've just raced an 83 year old bike.  He would have found the idea of grown men racing this bike absolutely hilarious.