Thursday 31st May 2012

So, the rain passed, the sky cleared.  A fantastic summer evening with a beautiful full moon.  Some of the regular faces were missing, but The Major, Dr C, Dave H, Dave T, Clark and I headed off to the forest in glorious sunlight.

We headed out over the boardwalk, across the golf course, passed the wood yard and into the forest and the wibbly wobbly.  It was good to be back.

Deep ruts and and puddles, roots, stumps and fallen branches.  Bloody fir cones.  The ferns and nettles had grown so high in the past weeks.  Tricky and technical riding.  We dropped into a pretty steep bomb hole, made even harder when the cameraman blinds the rider with his head torch.

It was 22:25 hrs when we reach Triangle Island, so we chased The Major through the final wibbly, before Clarke decided to get a little racy on the road home.  Dave H and The Major peeled off the river wall at Dock Lane (he missed so many snails) without realising that Dr C had suffered another mechanical.

Some of you may be surprised, but his rear tyre exploded for no good reason.  Luckily Clark was on hand to supervise the repair.  The words on one of my favourite 1980s poets came to mind

"Punctured bicycle on a hillside, desolate.  Will nature make a man of me yet."

This is the latest in a series of mechanicals for the good doctor (chain ring, rear mech hanger, head set).  It seems Ian's Marin Monterrey Jack has worn away within 2-years.

Back to HQ and an extraordinary general meeting of Woodbridge Surfers passed the motion to increase weekly kitty subs.  We've been asked to sponsor the Woodbridge 10k!  So we need a fighting fund for the 2013 race.

Finally, a reminder of Sunday's Jubilee Deben Ride.  This is an off road ride.  Special thanks to Simon Weaver Fish for the theme - come as your favourite Old Queen.  Please dress accordingly.  Meet at the Caravan Cafe on the quayside by the railway station at 09:00 hrs.  Bring cash for bacon sandwich, lunch and a few beers.  Our aim is to ride the river wall to Felixstowe, cross the river by the ferry to Bawdsey, then along the opposite river bank via our World Heritage Site and back home to Woodbridge.

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