Jubilee Ride - 3rd June 2012

Here are a few photos from the royal ride on Monday 3rd June.  We met at the caravan cafe on the river wall, close to Woodbridge railway station, at 9am for fantastic bacon (or egg option for the vegetarian) and a steaming mug of tea.  The weather was not great - damp and a little miserable.  Our aim, to ride the bank of the Deben to Felixstowe, cross the river, then back along the opposite bank to Wilford Bridge and on to Woodbridge.

We headed off towards Felixstowe, but lost the path close to Waldringfield.  A trip across a stream and then potato field and we were back on track.  The final 5 miles or so to Felixstowe was quite hard going, so we stopped at a diner-style cafe for great cake and tea stop.

Dave H spoke to the grumpy old ferryman and he took us across the river to the Bawdsey bank.  We tried to find a rideable river wall, but it wasn't possible, so we used the sped along the road to the Ramsholt Arms.  No change in the weather, so we stopped for a well earned break.

Two pints and a bowl of chips each and it would have been easy to stay inside all afternoon, but we braved the elements once again.  The paths, views and countryside on this side of the river were fabulous.  We dropped back under Sutton Hoo, crossing the Deben again and returned to Woodbridge. Approximately 30 miles round trip.  A great ride and another great day out.

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