Holland not quite so Extreme

Holland not quite so Extreme
With a sedately departure from Woodbridge at 8pm we headed off to Gateway to the Continent to join the ship. Boarding was quick as we were soon testing the Dutch nectar before trying to eat half an animal. After a guided tour of the ship, with the Captain pointing at everything saying “this is bigger than on your ship, Jane” we devoured a few more beers and did our best to not bit judgmental about Mr Franks past. Early start and we headed for the beach, but the most extreme part was not looking likely with the temperature  having trouble getting above 0 and the freezing mist removed any chance of any clothes coming off. Jane’s monthly sea swim would have to wait. Nice beach but let’s go and ski, same temperature but more clothes.
One hour later Ian had planks on his feet for the very first time. Could the Dr apply reasoning, logic and science to overcome his late start to skiing, well yes it appears he can. As we all played with jumps that were much too scary and just going as fast as we can, Ian was being shown how to apply his weight gently and control his speed, both of which he was un-expectantly quite good at. Although putting a restaurant at the bottom his slope did not seem so smart, as his occasional run-away looked like it may test the glass for impact. Along with sampling the Dutch culinary delights,  most of the day was spent here and 6 ½ hours later, we completely missed cheese buying and headed towards the next adventure, which we had not realised would also turn into a ground breaking experiment. The Karting Challenge on a whopping 1.3km long track which was all inside. With contact allowed and a challenging circuit it was always going to be exhilarating and more importantly amusing. But in the name of science, being responsible adults and most importantly being  WB surfers, it had been unofficially decided that alcohol and it’s affect on track times should be tested. So religiously and without a control subject, a measured amount of refreshment was enjoyed between each session and it’s affect duly logged by the stewards. The results, well they didn’t care but it did feel faster. With aching muscles we headed back to ship to finish off the steer  that we started on the way out.

In life, to be famous you either have to win, crash or do something amusing – sorry no winners

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