Some Silverware

The very very tiny cup on the left was hard fought over 6 races in up to 43mph gusts during November and December, the larger cup was for best novice for the whole season (not sure about that) and centrally placed, my biggest achievement to date. Only possible with Jane's and Will's help, except the middle award which I did all on my own.

New tandem - like living on a knife-edge

Some holiday period research, secret discussions, an overseas business trip and an interrupted meeting.   The first new bike of 2013 goes to Alok.

A majestic Lapierre VVT X2-Race tandem had it's first outing last Thursday night.  This was a shock to Alok as his wife, Fiona, had made secret arrangements to treat her husband to the new bike he deserved.  Ten Woodbridge Surfers stormed a meeting which Alok was attending to help with the surprise.  Fiona made a simple speech.  She said simply "Because you're worth it."  Many had a lump in their throat and a few had a tear in their eye.  A truly special moment.

So, off the forest for the test ride.  The bike model designation is "race" and this bike is certainly much racier that the armchair-like bike it replaced.  The combination of different bike geometry, a slimline and rock hard saddle and work trousers (yes, you read that correctly), meant that Alok knows the meaning of the phrase "living on a knife-edge".  Perhaps the Woodbridge Complementary Health Centre should offer a special perineum massage for cyclists?

Rider reviews to follow.