Silverstone Half Marathon 2013

So after a few weeks of unusually consistent training and setting a few PB's on the weekend before things were looking good. Then the aches and bunged up nose started on the Thursday and I had to invoke the infamous Rule #5 - and stocked up on paracetamol and nasal spray.

Organisers suggest you get there for 10:30 to allow time for parking and the 20 minute trek from the car park to the baggage area and start. Left Woodbridge at 7:45 and hit the A43 tailback with 7 miles to go at 10:15. Eventually parked and turned the engine off at 11:40 - 20 mins to race start ! Very quick blood sugar check, change, wee in the bushes, flapjack and warm up consisting of a slightly stressful jog to the drop off and start at the end of the old main straight on Copse Corner. Still - at least the weather is good - sunny, no wind and about 10C.

Start just before Copse Corner
Looking back down the old start straight

Have to start near the back of the field and revise the race plan to go out a bit smartish to get past the plodders and hunt down the 1:45 pace runner, hang with them for a while then go for it once into the final lap inside the circuit again - 3 miles to go.
Catch the 1:45 group after about 5 miles and stay with them, recovering a bit. Have time to admire the new pits complex which we get to run past a lot closer on lap 2 and even take a snap while racing...
New pits complex just after Club Corner - action photo!
Grind out the mid section of the race and feel pretty good going round lap 3 on the outside service road and start getting ready for the final push. Time looking just right and as we enter the circuit again for the last lap round the track the wrong way the music goes on and I can start to wind things up and start picking people off as the pace goes up. It's clear I'm going to monster 1:45 and unofficial target of 1:43 soon looks achievable as well. I clear the back of the track and go for it up the Hangar Straight - Airbourne and Offspring doing the motivation. Finish appears after Becketts and it's time to empty the tank over the line.

A bit chuffed

Get in. 1:41:05.
854 out of 6188
33 out of 303 in M50-54 group
A few more stats here

Time to treat myself to a huge bacon baguette and coffee while listening to a really good live reggae band.
I love it when a plan comes together - TShirt was pretty cool as well

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