Afan Forest trip - April 2013

Breakfast of Champions, Whistlestop Cafe - check.  Convoy leaves Woodbridge at 8am - check.  Drop three bikes and carrier off the roof of a car and onto the M25 at 65 mph during rush-hour- check.  999 call to the emergency services - check.

This wasn't the start to the trip that I had planned.  When I finished my 999 call and walked up the hard shoulder I fully expected the scene to be like an episode of Casualty.  Unbelievably no others vehicles had been affected, the traffic was following as usual, the bikes had survived, still on the bike carrier, and had been dragged off the carriageway.  The car was scratched, the bike carrier worn away by it's trip along the M25 tarmac and the young driver of the Fiesta, which was immediately behind us, was a little shocked.   We managed to re-load, with two bikes in the car, another on the back of the camper and we set off again.

Fast forward 200 miles and we arrive at the village of Glyncorrwg.  Unload and into our biking gear.  Find the MTB centre and set off on the first trail, Whites Level.  The most technical trail in the area.  Time for some real mountain biking.

Guess who?
The old boys for Suffolk (and their young companion) performed well.  Afternoon of Day 1 - 26km riding, with 650m vertical climbing.  Day 2 - 46km riding, with 1250m vertical climbing and a top speed of 39mph (off road!).  Morning of Day 3 - 17km, with 500m vertical climbing.  One shattered cassette, a snapped chain and a broken brake leaver.  A few "over-the-bars" and"off the boardwalk"moments and one bike park "special".  One badly bruised knee, one badly bruised finger, two cut shins.

Planning underway for the next trip.

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