Elveden Tear Jerker

Firstly an apology to my team-mates - the picture of us hasn't come out.  I blame the photographer, not me for not checking it...

However, the Tear Jerker.  A stunning location - the swim in a sweet tasting (!) irrigation pond, to be swum in a 'M' shape around the (just visible below) marker bouys:

All bikes racked:

The finish line:

The whole event has a laid back feel - only about 200 competitors, going off in 2 waves of 100 for the swim.   I had the easy part, 1/2 mile swim in non-tidal water.  I kept my nose in a ladies armpit all way around so didn't have to sight at all.  Getting out Giant Paul took over & set off at a cracking pace for the 25 Km ride- only stopping to help a fellow competitor who was having a mechanical - and I think this sums up the ethos of the TearJerker.  Simon H took on the final 5.5Km run around the fields & pond - by this time the temperature was up the two of them had it far tougher than I did.  It looked as though the first 10 cyclists over the line were on 29"'ers, it was certainly the course for them.

Results aren't out yet, but from the preliminary posting we appear to have come in 7th of the teams, out of 20 who entered.  

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