Calamity Cup 2014

It's a little known fact that the only person who reads this page is DP's Dad.  He's a lovely chap who has brought DP up to be the inveterate liar we all know and love him for.  He'll be thrilled to have a mention here - and it's all down to DP that he is.  Whilst there were a number of entrants for the cup this year, RA's facial braking technique, AS's shirt-melting-into-back fixie riding, GiantP's numerous gentle falls to mention just a few, it was DP's 'Badger Dismount' which was the runaway winner.  As well as the dismount DH's comment about 'it was the longest flight I've seen' really sums up the effort DP put into winning the cup just so that his father could get a mention.  As the photo below shows DP was over the moon about winning.  Nothing left to say except 'What a mug'.

Congratulations DP, I don't think any of us expected you to be a winner of this.

The badger was unavailable for comment.   Many thanks to IC's wife for the mug too.

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