Al's MTL, a supplement to IH's more timely blog
A hectic year has stopped me from reporting to the masses on what turned out to be one of the best events I have had the pleasure of being involved in, so here it is in pictures (sorry Al but after all you were there), the biggest team accomplishment we have completed, nearly,  Al’s MTL.
With 12 of us being there and the non-stop discussions over the next week or two, you were either there or it probably felt like you were there (and tired of hearing about it).
It was a full-on all-in cycling challenge and social success; my sides ached more than my legs by Monday morning. A video compilation of the evening antics, did I hear you ask for?

Athletes Only

2015 Annual Bike ride

The 11th Annual Christmas Ride
12 hardy souls braved the late forecasted weather change, and ventured out in the rain and the inevitable mud fest. Instead we were blessed with a warm and drying day, some muddy tracks, but the new trails we found in Tunstall were mainly dry and fantastic fun. For the first time we saw wind powered something and electric shifting, a few tumbles and only one puncture. The bomb holes were an adventure and quite a source of amusement, with only two riders achieving all 5, in and out.
The Green Man was a welcome sight after nearly 5 hours in the saddle, but with most of our other drink stops closed; we were once again saved by the guaranteed opening of a Deben Inn. Refuge was sought in the Coach and with family discount extending the purse, we made this our home for the next 3 hours or so, I think.  Probably a Xmas ride record, but after 14 hours out and about, we finally called it a day when DP's Vodka (and then port) ran out. A few faces missing but thanks to all who made it, who made it so much fun. 51 training Thursdays till the next...

Calamity Cup 2015

Finally Steve (Barney) gets his reward for his efforts, recognitoin indeed, Steve the Calamity, 2015