Morzine Ten

Was much the same as the previous nine years? Fun, exhilarating (as much as you want it to be), bit damp on one day, full on sunshine for the next four, beautifully carved trails through spectacular Alpine scenery, letting gravity and then the peaceful lifts do all the work. Relaxing in a chalet that you could not afford during the summer, replacing every single calorie that you used with Reblochon cheese and local beer whilst enjoying the mountain fresh air and the view from the deck. So this was much the same awesome week as before except Clark came along, so we enjoyed just that little bit more, laughed a bit more, drunk Aperol Spritzers of course, and the word on the street is that despite his moment of invincibility (which meant we got a live-in chalet host/cook) he will be there in 2018, stronger and faster than before. Living up to and building on the previous years the 10th anniversary was faultlessly choreographed by DP and feels like the only thing I want to do. Downhill is the answer, whatever the question. Roll on 2018. Images by Maysty and all the riding ones are of the rainy day as we were too busy riding on the dry ones.

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