Calamity Cup

The Calamity cup (which should really be called the Schadenfreude cup) is an annually presented cup. It goes to the Woodbridge Surfer who gains the most notorious injury. This is not necessarily the worst injury, but the one which has caused most laughter in the Clubhouse. The names have been changed to protect the guilty:
2017 - CS.  This was a close race, with Weaver Fish putting in a strong effort - multiple attempts at the cup involving a lightening strike and a badger, but is was CS's Superman effort in Morzine which gained him his first win of the cup.
2016 - SH (aka Weaver Fish).  The year was looking like a redo of 2010 - Giant Paul was staying on his bike, There were no pink pants in evidence - and then suddenly, after a pit-stop at the Ramsholt Arms Weaver Fish came out of nowhere with a cracking effort to break his collar bone and some ribs.  It's great to see a return to form for Weaver Fish after a few lacklustre years, and he now equals AM for winning the award for 3 times.  AM has promised to step up his efforts in 2017, something which we're all looking forward to witnessing.
2015 - SF.  For years SF has wanted to win the 'Yellow Jersey' (the coveted 'doing it all longer, harder & faster' t-shirt given in Newquay for the surfer who leaves it all out on the track).  This year a picture circulated which captured SF's dispair as he tried to fit into a wetsuit a size too small (and who hasn't been there eh?) and realised his hopes of the jersey had faded away.  To commemorate this picture, we had it put onto a water bottle for him.
2014 - DP. Some good entries this year, RA for trying to leave his face on the Fynn Valley floor, AS for managing to fall off a fixie and melt his shirt to his shoulder, GiantP for continually falling but not hurting himself enough for an award, but this years winner is DP for his amazing flight through the air after the 'Badger Dismount'.
2013 - RA.  Gone oldschool for this years winner.  Lots of attempts, GiantP for falling off more than most, PB kept up his attempts, DH travelled the world looking for injuries but found none.  RA managed to break his collarbone in 2 places and crack a couple of ribs, so the cup is his this year.
2012 - DH.  New criteria for now providing the most memorable moment of the year - DH's dancing shoes & matching pants filled this criteria admirably.
2011 - AM. Won for his wonderful slow-mo-into-sand leg break. Many contenders this year, PB for killing a rabbit, SG for headbutting an owl, SH made a valiant effort the Thursday before D-Day for 2011's cup by crashing into an invisible tree, and DH's falling down 5 steps resulting in total body bruising was very impressive too. However, there had to be a winner, and AM it is.
2010 - No Winner.
2009 - AM. Won for breaking his collar bone whilst teaching his sons to 'get air' in Thetford Forest. Why didn't he learn from 2007?
2008 - DH. Won for his exceptional Greek Bike injury. This was a hotly contested and quite controversial winner, as many felt those who had seen the pictures of DH's injury should win.
2007 - AM. The 'Golden Era' of the cup. Won for breaking a rib whilst 'getting air', cycling back from the pub at midnight. Extra points gained for not letting on to his wife for a few days.
2006 - DH. Won for his famous 'dismount into a ditch' routine. The floor of the Clubhouse is stained to this day where DH sat that night.
2005 & 2004 - SH. SH is a robust, healthy Northerner. Which made it all the funnier when he got his rib broken by being tackled by an 11-year-old playing rugby. Also for breaking his foot whilst surfing, and for stepping on a Weaver fish with his hand. 2005 and 2004 weren't really SH's years.